Una delle primissime poesie che ho scritto, forse la prima (di tante), dedicata a Robin, mio punto di riferimento e capitano da una vita. Dovrebbe entrare nel libro, così l’ho tradotta. In attesa che si sbroglino le parole nuove che ho dentro, che come a volte mi succede, sono così tante e confuse da non sapere da dove cominciare a scriverle.

One of the first poems, or the very first, maybe, (of many) I wrote for Robin, my lifelong touchstone and captain. Should go into the book, so I’ve translated it. Waiting for when the new words I’ve got inside will unravel: it happens to me sometimes, there are so many and so entwined together, I can’t even begin to write them down.

L’originale qui The Italian version is here

The road lights up with the sea;
I leave sand footprints behind.
That’s how I spend my time:
watching the shape of my feet
betrayed by ever-changing weaves.
I think of you, even in this crisp air
beneath foreign mists.
I’m looking for the truth of your face
the flight of a kite in full swing
the quiet silence of a wait
that begins and ends in itself
without anything to fill.
I’ve got lips of exacerbated thirst
and no more white storks at my window.
Summer is gone
and you’re not back.

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