The principle of entropy increasing

For those of you who speak English…

I have no sense of time, I mix up
the hours, the days and the seasons;
it was a year ago, I say,
but it’s been five instead, ten, a hundred.
Little by little, it’s getting late,
a few mass slaughters have escaped me,
and some war that was too far to see on time;
an earthquake too, and the offense of mud,
the raging fires of forests and homes.
Look at this dust,
the cobwebs spread among the tombs
of this country graveyard, that
tell us about the running of the river,
the waves travelling, one by one,
We recognize time from the leaves
that breath in the wind,
their clinging to the branch, like a last
surrender to the principle of entropy increasing,
the miracle of the disorder of life,
of its infinite possibilities,
against the celebrants of a mortal order,
of the lethal quietness of security
that only belongs to what does not exist.
You’ve buried my heart, and
you don’t know where, but my wounded knee
is an island of salt where Nobody will land,
a creation of the sea that brings back to me
the echo of the absent ones, whom I’ve always talked to
and who always answer.


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